Commercial Property Surveys

Very often the sale of commercial property may require more detailed information to be obtained. It's not unusual for a buyer to have never seen the property. That is when they need the surveyor to produce a document that lets them visually see what they are buying. More detailed measurements of the buildings, areas, and type of pavement, indications of the parking striping and a total count of parking spaces, the location of party or partition walls, locations of joint access easements, encroachments, etc., may be required to be shown on the final survey.

ALTA / NSPS Land Title Surveys

The "ALTA Survey" is one of the most comprehensive types of land survey. Although generally preformed on commercial properties, the buyer or lender may request an "ALTA" survey on residential properties as well. The survey must be completed by a licensed surveyor in the State of the property. ALTA / NSPS have developed extensive guidelines and requirements for any "ALTA" survey performed. Most often these surveys show: the boundaries of the property, all man-made features (buildings, parking areas, parking spaces, and utilities), trees, landscaping, flood zone designation, property zoning, wetland areas, easements serving or being served by the subject property, encroachments, etc. It is important that the surveyor and client (and their legal representative if needed) discuss in detail what information is required for the final survey, prior to beginning work on the property.

Subdivision Platting

Subdivision Platting and Development for residential or commercial land use. When splitting a property into 2 or more lots or tracts of land, there are various steps involved prior to being able to develop and sell the lots. We can manage your project from the preliminary planning stage to the recording of the final plat. While working closely with a Civil Engineer, these services can include: providing lot layouts, road layout and design, site utility layout and design, and services required through the construction phase.

Topographic Mapping

A Topographic Survey is a graphic representation of the natural and man-made features of the property. These surveys are most generally used by Architects and Professional Engineers for the design of improvements on that property.

Residential Lot Surveys

The Lot Survey is a re-survey of a previously platted subdivision lot. The lot corners are located or reset in accordance to the current “Missouri Standards for Property Boundary Surveys”, the location of all visible improvements are measured and shown, any platted easements affecting the property are located and plotted, and compiled onto a drawing for the use of a lender and/or the property owner.

Boundary Surveys

A Boundary Survey is the retracement of the property deed when described by Metes and Bounds (direction and distance). Boundary surveys may require extensive research of adjoining property deeds, County survey records, road rights-of-way and original government land corner records. As required by statute, all property corners are to be shown or re-established for the property. Again, this survey must be completed in accordance to the “Missouri Standards for Property Boundary Surveys”. If required by the owner or lender, existing improvements may be also located and shown on the final drawing.

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