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At White Land Surveying, LLC, we understand the importance and value that you place on your property.

We'll be glad to meet and discuss your options, and develop a service, schedule, and fee to meet your needs.

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What Guides Us

We strive to provide Professional Land Surveying services in a timely and affordable manner while protecting the health, safety, and welfare of the public. But that's not all that drives us.




How We're Different

Not only do we utilize our background of knowledge and experience, but we also utilize current electronic surveying instruments (Robotic Total Stations and Data Collectors), GPS survey equipment, CAD drafting and plotting services to meet your project needs.

White Land Surveying LLC Surveryor and Equipment


should you choose a professional land surveyor?

Most generally, your property and home will be the largest investment you will make. A Missouri Professional Land Survey can render a highly technical service in compliance with applicable state and local laws and regulations. Because of the technical skills and complexities involved in surveying your land, Missouri statutes limit the practice of land surveying only to those duly licensed by the Missouri Board for Architects, Professional Engineers, and Professional Land Surveyors. Only a surveyor who has completed the education, experience and standardized testing can be licensed to provide any type of land surveying service.


are the different types of surveys offered?

You will need a survey:

  • if you are purchasing property
  • prior to constructing any improvements on your property
  • prior to subdividing your property into smaller lots or parcels
  • to verify the area of the property for tax or insurance values
  • when you think someone has encroached onto your property

The cost of the survey can vary with the type of survey required. The complexity and difficulty can vary with each property, so the cost of the survey can only be fairly determined after an evaluation of the type of service and preliminary research of the property has been completed.


is the most important steps to acquire land survey services?

  • Personal client consultation
  • In-depth project analysis
  • Sound, honest advice to the client
  • Agreement of type of service, cost, and time schedule
  • Satisfactory completion and delivery of final product